Join us during the Winter Solstice

for an exploration of the Bardo & The Night Yogas.

In this course, we will study Robert A.F. Thurman’s classic translation of The Tibetan Book of The Dead and will practice ClearLight Sleep and Dream Yoga. Robert Thurman will delve into the text (originally named The Great Book of Natural Liberation through Understanding in the Between) and explore the map of the unseen, while engaging meditation in action. We will experience subtle body practices, such as the Six Yogas of Naropa, with Tummo, Bardo Yoga and Phowa among them. We will work with the corresponding meditation practices and offer an accessible pathway to lucid dreaming through guided Yoga Nidras.

This specific immersion is part of the Vajra Yoga ongoing educational programme and can be taken as a separate module or in continuation of the previous Vajra Yoga teachings, which are made available below. Vajra Yoga aims to bring together Buddhist and Hatha knowledge through an exploration of their exoteric and tantric cores. On this occasion, we bring together the evolutionary directions of the Bardo teachings through Robert Thurman’s extensive experience and the deep practice through Michele Loew’s embodiment of subtle and dream yogas. The course will be intensely experiential, as it aims to offer a safe container for transition and release through the Northern hemisphere Winter Solstice.

Students can take this course online or in-person at Menla Retreat & Dewa Spa in the Catskills Forest of Phoenicia, NY. All students will be given access to the teachable platform so that they may continue to review the materials after the retreat has ended.