A Deeply Transformative Experience

This training will provide teachers of yoga and meditation, as well as students and seekers on the path to freedom, enough information to develop a home practice of Yoga Nidra and begin sharing Nidras with others intelligently. It is a deeply informative synthesis of the Yoga Nidra practices. We will study and practice the transformational meditative yogic tantric science of Yoga Nidra, the awakening practice of enlightened sleep. Yoga Nidra is a practice that works on profoundly healing all the layers of the body/heart/mind complex. It also provides a bridge to pure consciousness. 

Michele will share different Nidra Practices each day which will allow us the direct experience of the science and techniques taught by the lineages Nidra. We will work intimately with the practice of Sankalpa (power of high spiritually guided intentions.. high vows), study the science behind yoga nidra, both neuroscience and yoga science, of how this practice affects our brains, bodies, and all the layers (koshas) of our being.

Yoga Nidra helps in regulation of hormones, stabilization of glucose levels, alleviates PTSD, helps with sleep and healing, and creates a meditative state very quickly that is identified in brain wave analysis and can move people into Turya (the state of bliss or samadhi which is one of the highest states of realization) and it is takes us to the direct experience of the clear light of the void. It is deeply restful, and a doorway to a meditative form that all levels of meditators can enter.

Michele’s yoga nidra training is informed by her Vajrayana practice, Clear Light Yoga, Tibetan Dream Yoga, The Himalayan masters teachings on Yoga Nidra & the 61 points of light, Rod Stryker’s Para Yoga Nidra, Richard Miller’s I-Rest, and Amrit Desai.

Continue Education Credits

This course is registered with Yoga Alliance for 20 hours of Continuing Education. For Yoga teachers needing continuing education credits, you will receive a certificate to receive your credit.

5 day Yoga Nidra Teacher Training: 20 hr course 

Virtual Training will include daily live zoom classes (with replays posted shortly afterward), course manual, and study guide.

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