This is an Online course on the Buddha's teachings on yoga. It is a collection of short teachings that instruct on meditation and comparative Buddhist/ Classical Indian Yoga Philosophy. This course on the Buddha's 3 Vehicles, Sutras, Mahayana, & Tantra, will help any yogi deepen their path to freedom, bliss, enlightenment. 

At some point on the yogi/ni’s path, they come to the teachings of Patāñjali’s Yoga Sutras. As if by magic, asana practice is transformed through the study of the text, and the poetry of the sutras begin to open the practitioner's life to a yogic investigation with the world off the mat. 

We are in a moment where scholars and Yogi/nis alike are investigating just how much the Indian inner sciences of Patāñjali’s Yoga Sutras have in common with the practices and sutras of Buddhism. In this course, you’ll personally take up this investigation, and with guidance you will explore for yourself the unfolding of these integrated wisdoms. Fully aligned with His Holiness’s the Dalai Lama commitments in life, this course will show how practical the Buddha’s teachings are, how closely they relate to the wisdom of yoga, and how compassion can be an effective and efficient tool in re-building our world together. This Master Class will support you on your eight-fold path, and open up new territories of spirit, mind, and body yoga to develop your intuition, your true inner wisdom, and help on your path to enlightenment.

This course includes guided meditative talks and transmissions from Tenzin Robert Thurman on the inner wisdom found in the 3 vehicles of Buddhist Science. It includes 12 seminal talks and guided meditations on each vehicle, accessible on Mondays and Wednesdays, paralleled by concise readings, for students to meditate on and study the yogic insights on each level.

This is a replay of an original 18-week course. Teachings were given by renowned Buddhist Scholar, Robert A.F. Thurman, and Yogis- Michele Loew, Richard Freeman, and Mary Taylor. 

This is a timeless course that can be studied and reviewed for years to come. 

Vajra Yoga Three-Vehicle Super-education Course Replay- $444.00

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