Module 1: November 10-13

Module 2: December 1-5

Module 3: January 12-15

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The full 100 hr course consists of Three 4 Day Immersions, with accompanying reading and online resources for continued study. Homework will be part of each course to allow for absorption of the material.

Each 25 hour Immersion can be taken alone or part of a deep dive into the magical enlightening universe of the Clearlight Yoga Nidra 100 hr Certification course.

The Immersions can be taken in-person or Live-streamed on zoom. They are also available for replay up to 1 year after the course airs. Each live stream will be put up on our teachable platform for replay for students in other time zones.

The 100 hr course is a comprehensive study of Yoga Nidra with time in between each module to put apply the practices into your daily life, journal, study, and deepen your insight and be part of a community of other yogis navigating the same course. You will be able to share and receive yoga nidras and share insight ongoing with the clear light community of other yogis and guides.

The 100 hr course is also one of the elective modules in Vajra Yoga 500 hr school, and Michele’s 200/300 hr “The Subtle & Profound Hatha” Yoga alliance teacher training course.

November 10 - 13: Yoga Nidra Module 1 explores the Physical & Subtle bodies. Considered to be illusory sheaths, we can transcend their grip on us, and in finding freedom, compassionately transform and celebrate them while tapping into their amazing power! Yoga Nidra is a powerful tool for healing & energy. We will study Yoga Nidra’s affects on the physical body, The science of Enlightened sleep to reduce stress, decelerate aging, improve immune system, decrease inflammation and much more. Learn to guide others in Yoga Nidra’s that will create profound changes in their lives.

-science of sleep

-healing affects of Yoga Nidra on the body

-the power of intention/ Sankalpa.

-tapping into the power of the subtle body & Prana

-learn how to create yoga Nidra practices for deep restoration and healing.


December 1 - 5: Yoga Nidra Module 2 will focus on the layer of the Mind. Nidra practices to transcend mental obstacles, find freedom from mental & emotional hindrances, & awaken clear light mind. We will explore the neuroscience of today to gain deeper insight into the timeless wisdom of the sages & their gift of enlightened sleep.

-comparative neuroscience

-removing obstacles to lucidity

-developing Yoga Nidra templates that will transcend mental & emotional body obscurations and reveal pristine luminous mind.

-Vipassana, Vichara- using the inquiring mind to find freedom.. analyze analyze!

-Journey into your powerful inner resources.

-learn how to create yoga nidra practices that dissolve mental obscurations and bring clarity.


January 12 - 15: Yoga Nidra Module 3 will focus on accessing the Intuitive wisdom, Jnana, of Buddha mind & the enlightened sages; We will focus on practices for uncovering and dissolving templates of belief, working with trauma, & DNA shifting practices similar to those in the field of epigenetic medicine.

- Learn how to create yoga nidra practices using the visual field.

- Working with dissolving the projections of the mind.

- Becoming fully illuminated by the light of pure consciousness.

- Becoming a powerful creator sourced by intuitive wisdom.

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